Gingham Scrunchie (3 Styles)

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Hair of the Dog is an expression referring to a method of treatment for a rabid dog bite by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound. Our products provide the cure for a bad hair day: they're simple, elegant, and the eye-catching colours step up even the messiest of up-dos.

Product Description

Part bracelet, part statement hair tie, this scrunchie just demands to be complimented! 

  • Outer 100% cotton
  • Inner 1/4" braided elastic
  • Made in Canada

Care Instructions

To keep your scrunchie looking its best, try to avoid putting it in wet hair. Hand wash in cold water and a light detergent (like Soak, which is also made in Canada), and lay flat to dry.

"If this dog do you bite, soon as out of your bed, take a hair of the tail the next day."