Lil Silky (6 Colours)

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Product Description

Meet your new every day scrunchie! The lil silky is perfect for those looking for a bit more subtlety compared to the ✨drama✨ of the big silky. Think of it like a classy hair elastic that actually adds to your outfit instead of stretches out and hangs off your wrist.

Over the years we've perfected the fabric choice so that it's resistant to wrinkling or shrinking, so you can go from the gym to brunch with the gals in style.

  • Outer 100% heavyweight silk
  • Inner 1/4" braided elastic
  • Made in Canada

Care Instructions

To keep your silk scrunchie looking its best, try to avoid putting it in wet hair. Hand wash in cold water and a light detergent (like Soak, which is also made in Canada), and lay flat to dry.